Syria Allah 7hameeha

Syria, A letter to Congressman Boehner:

I just wrote on his Facebook wall:

Syrian Children Marching to Shrine to Pray
Syrian Children Marching to Shrine to Pray Sept. 3rd 2013

Dear congressman, 
When you speak on SYRIA,
I was hoping your speech would sound like this, I was hoping all 435 speeches would sound like this.
BTW. My uncle the Bishop of Syria who is here with us told me 
Bachar is good. You can bank on that… I don’t believe my uncle lies.

Congressman, if Syria was to use chemistry, it should have been 
in Crac-De-Chevalier (Crusaders’ Castle) 25 miles from my birthplace.

The Castle has been occupied by AlQeda for over 2 years and terrorizing the Christian villages around it.

Photo inside Castle.
Week of August 15th they burned the entire mountain in our village because it houses the shrine of Mary where everyone comes to celebrate feast of the assumption there,

Later, those guys in the picture above, went on a rampage at a nearby village killing 12 young men and ladies ages 21 to 25 in a wedding party because they were Christians

If Syria wanted to use chemistry, that would be a perfect place as all castle inhabitants are AlQeda combatants… 
They did not

I am willing to drive to Washington to 
speak as a Syrian American who very much loves both countries – I was born and raised there until age 16.
Check this world wide support for Secular Syria 4 days ago:…/posts/9RcePk5ezTu
Over 70% of Syrian people are 100% are behind Assad.
We are very aware both sides are committing atrocities…

Please intervene, but only on the SYRIAN side not on Saudi Arabia’s
If USA does not have the guts to face SAUDI ARABIA, Syria is cleaning

the mess created in 1971 by Nixon and Faisal making a monster out of Saudi Arabia

that controls us and lets us think we are controlling them.

Congressman, I would love you to remember your heritage, you are AMERICAN,

we STAND for something, have the courage to stand up to SAUDI ARABIA.

Please, stand up for the Syrian people heavily under attack by AlQaeda & Saudi Arabia. 
There won’t be a Syria to go to if they win, it will be like Afghanistan.

Congressman, this is a perfect time to have PEACE with Israel, please nudge them towards REAL PEACE with Syria.

We are going to be SAUDI FREE soon with CNG conversions,

I own Auto Accents and plan on leading that effort. Help us say goodbye to Saudi Arabia. 
Please Intervene on the SYRIAN People’s Side not the Saudi Backed REBEL SIDE

I hope you will choose to give the speech that Galloway gave in the parliament.
You will be remembered by “History”

Let your conscious be your guide…. Thank you




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