We have 260 years oil reserve in USA. no to Saudi Arabian Oil

Saudi Arabian Monarchy is a bunch THUGS. Let's try them at the HAGUE for crimes against humanity
Saudi Arabian Monarchy is a bunch THUGS.
Let’s try them at the HAGUE for crimes against humanity

Saudi Kings Have financed every Major war in their region since 1973.
The DEAL WITH THE DEVIL: SaudiArabian Monarchy

1- 1971 Nixon lost of confidence of the world so they started pulling out the GOLD from USA.

2- France asked for its GOLD BACK, Nixon refused. Gave paper DOLLARS.

3- He cut a deal with Saudis King Faisal to sell Oil for dollars only, making Oil & dollars = Gold in value. In return USA pledged to protect SAUDI ARABIA. The Deal With The DEVIL!
4- This arrangement was clever and created 2 countries with ability to print unlimited money. This WAS a FRAUD on all nations and USA has been paying the price for it because the Monstrous Saudi Kings proved to be an ugly bunch… Real Ugly.
5- 1973, six day war Saudi Kings & Oil Embargo of USA.
6- 1979, Usama Bin Laden sit-in at Grand Mosque demanding King steps down. He was bribed with UNLIMITED money to go JIHAD OUTSIDE Saudi Arabia.
7- 1982, 1st country the Islamic Brotherhood (AlQaeda was just starting) attacked was Syria1st and soon Assad had Hama put down.
8- 1982- 89 chased out of Syria, Afghanistan was next. MUJAHIDEEN
Bin Laden was funded by Hit-men of Saudi Arabian Monarchy and went to fight Russia in Afghanistan… Not for the Americans but for the SAUDIS.
9- 1992 Saudi Monarchy had its sight higher and soon Bin Laden’s Ahmad Yousef (No Relation) tried to bring down the World Trade Center.
10- 2001- on 9-11 that day, 15 Saudis committed the worst TERROR attack in history on USA. To make the insult bigger Bandar Bin Kharah (Now Hold important position in that thuggish country) was in the Whitehouse while the planes were on their way to hit the Pentagon…

*******Saudi Arabian Monarchs Are Monsters, who’ve paid and financed every regional war, Saudi Kings are theTRUE OBSTACLE TO PEACE****
To fight the Saudi Bastard Kings, we launched the effort to convert 75% of USA truck fleet from Diesel or Gas to CNG watch this video called
Saudi Monarchy, we don’t need their oil http://youtu.be/awhRn7NEeTc

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