Riding my BICYCLE …

amid yousef's favorite cartoon is mickey mouse
amid yousef's favorite cartoon is mickey mouse

Yesterday Friday 24th I rode with my NEW Friend Jim Johnson and we did the Major road circle. It was the ultimate fun (2:48 2 Hours and 48 Minutes) – Amid Yousef

I really can’t describe the GOOD feeling I get when I am on that BIKE. The only UNHAPPY time is when I am pulling back in the driveway at the end of my ride. amid yousef

Today, we go to get Nicole from College and we hope to move her into her appartment for next semester before we come back home.

2 Days ago, I really broke the web store by destroying all the descriptions but the sale I am running is working like magic (50% off) so maybe less words is better

About Amid Yousef

I was born in Syria. Our family came to America in early 70’s
We were Farmers and had Apple Orchards. In America I am a Businessman and I love my new country. i am a US citizen and proud to be an AMERICAN.

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