No Facebook

Amid Yousef at Experts Academy Very Happy
Beaming with joy for meeting so many wonderful people

Edit to the following article: I lasted 1 month and I missed my friends a lot!

I am writing the beginning entry of my blog… I’ve been off Facebook for 24 hours and got to fill all that free time…
Won’t you please join me here so we can have a pleasant conversation together?

This is my personal blog. In it I will write about what projects I am doing.
1- The Book “Kafroon” A book about Peace!
2- The Entrepreneur Tells All Training series

Amid Yousef …  Many Videos (Scroll Down)

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  1. My Friend Matthew Peters wrote: at 5:39 PM today (Saturday)
    Hey Amid,
    Congratulations! You’ve sold your first SmartPhone Video Course. You’re my first affiliate – so I’m uncertain when you will be auto paid.

    Your payment will hit your paypal account that you entered shortly. Let me know if you don’t see it soon.

    This is very special because it VALIDATES our business model. YEA!

  2. Sunday was the anniversary of Dad’s passing, Bishop uncle Massoud said mass, my nephew Manny recorded a bit of video for us… I will put that up in few days… Editing takes a bit….

    Most my time is spent building the software platform for the TV station….
    GOD please bless this venture… Thank you

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