No Facebook

Amid Yousef at Experts Academy Very Happy
Beaming with joy for meeting so many wonderful people

Edit to the following article: I lasted 1 month and I missed my friends a lot!

I am writing the beginning entry of my blog… I’ve been off Facebook for 24 hours and got to fill all that free time…
Won’t you please join me here so we can have a pleasant conversation together?

This is my personal blog. In it I will write about what projects I am doing.
1- The Book “Kafroon” A book about Peace!
2- The Entrepreneur Tells All Training series

Amid Yousef …  Many Videos (Scroll Down)

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  1. Hey Amid! Just wanted to stop by and show your blog some love! You have some great inspirational videos, pictures and a great message.

    The “Peace Messenger!” I love that. This world would be a better place if we have more peace and less hate.

    And happy early birthday my friend.

    • Thank you my friend and I am so looking forward to meeting and brainstorming SEO, web rankings and Social media enterpreneurial talk… Thanks
      BTW what is the plugin you are using at the opening to collect emails? Thanks for all the love

  2. The Running Channel with Social Media Smith has started the conversation.

    Today I met with my friend Joe Jurczyk, we’ve been friends since 1985 or before.
    He is a wonderful and gentle soul.
    Joe is a running expert with plenty of followers (11000 on Linked In, almost 5000 on FB and 1800 twitter)
    We discussed partnering on launching the Running Channel and more details to come

  3. Hey Monick:
    I loved seeing you at HPA. I must admit I feel a lot healthier sleeping more and I am starting to make better decisions too.
    Thanks you for being you and I loved your BLOG as I mentioned there LOVED LOVED

  4. You can do it Amid! I now limit myself to only posting in the mornings and then check a few posts. I limit my time on FB to 20 minutes. look forward to hearing more about your progress.

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  6. Yesterday, I did not vote in protest!
    For the 1st time ever since I’ve become a citizen of USA I elected purposely not to vote…
    What makes this so sad? I love the freedom and the right to vote…
    However, the political system is soooo corrupt, that I felt this protest was needed. I don’t feel good about NOT voting; but it seems no matter who gets voted into office -he/she does not matter – soon they get swallowed buy the giant machine of corruption….
    I will come back to voting but for yesterday i wanted to protest and ABSTAIN from voting in PROTEST… I know it makes it worse that less of us vote and that’s why I will go back to voting but honestly this was an act of frustration…. Did you vote? How did you feel?

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