No Facebook

Amid Yousef at Experts Academy Very Happy
Beaming with joy for meeting so many wonderful people

Edit to the following article: I lasted 1 month and I missed my friends a lot!

I am writing the beginning entry of my blog… I’ve been off Facebook for 24 hours and got to fill all that free time…
Won’t you please join me here so we can have a pleasant conversation together?

This is my personal blog. In it I will write about what projects I am doing.
1- The Book “Kafroon” A book about Peace!
2- The Entrepreneur Tells All Training series

Amid Yousef …  Many Videos (Scroll Down)

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  1. OMG Tracey I already miss you and everyone so much. The energy I took from that and the know how and commitment. I have been MINIMAL on FB which allowed me to finish my fist daily project (a great video which will be up on the Brainbox later tonight)

    Thank you for sting here and as you now that is really good for both our SEO … What site would you like me to BLOG on today?

  2. I am looking forward to this evening:

    Also tonight I will have dinner with my longtime friend Phil Davidson… He used to be the Agent of the Year contender along with me for the early 90’s….
    His story and what happened to him after he was terminated by the cellular company so they can take his residuals and silence him is incredible…. I look forward to hearing the story….

  3. Plenty of work on Squidoo, G+ and I am very frustrated with how little involvement is there… However whenever involvement occurs it is avery intense in the form of VIDEO.
    I believe GOOGLE is executing with the attitude they have all the time in the world…
    Really, They have not learned from BUZZ or Wave?

    I hope they can get something gong soon…

    I have a solution if someone wishes to ask me… I can save G+

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