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Amid Yousef at Experts Academy Very Happy
Beaming with joy for meeting so many wonderful people

Edit to the following article: I lasted 1 month and I missed my friends a lot!

I am writing the beginning entry of my blog… I’ve been off Facebook for 24 hours and got to fill all that free time…
Won’t you please join me here so we can have a pleasant conversation together?

This is my personal blog. In it I will write about what projects I am doing.
1- The Book “Kafroon” A book about Peace!
2- The Entrepreneur Tells All Training series

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  1. The Above post links are driving me nuts. Do they show up for you? If so Are you LOGGED in your Gmail?
    I am trying to learn what’s happening on other browsers and with other users. Please share what happens when you click on a Photo?

  2. Today I will visit Gary Klubnik, he has been my PERSONAL accountant since I started the business and relocated to 6215 Pearl Rd…(I hired him in 1985.
    We chatted this week and I asked him why did my company take the BUSINESS accounting away from his firm and he thought a VP that worked for me made that decision… I felt bad about that but as in other instances: I allowed my employees to make mistakes believing that interfering is micromanaging… A position I am not so sure of this day… In hindsight, I should have stopped this change and many others that were done by employees who making errors in judgement!..
    What is your management style when it comes to this subject?

  3. In Light of the “Wall Street Protests” I will begin writing the ending of the book even if I have to skip few chapters… Know why? It has to do with fixing the Corporation not tearing it down and my book will provide what I believe is a solution to return corporations to honest dealings… What are your feelings about this?

  4. Kafroon
    I was born in a most innocent place called Kafroon, at a most innocent time December 6, 1959 Kafroon was a village of 200 mostly relatives. Do you feel life is going a bit faster than you had hoped? Are you struggling just to keep up? You ever watch the Andy Griffith show and wish someone would paint the green road back to Mayberry’s innocence and simpler Times? Mayberry was fictional, Kafroon was real. I lived there. This story is about That… My name is Amid Yousef I call myself the Peace Messenger and I hope you are willing to come along on this journey and join me on a road to Kafroon!” />

  5. Amid Yousef – Oct 13, 2011 – Public
    THis Syrian woman demonstrates the True Spirit of PEACE carrying the Quran on her head and Kissing the Cross… See it is that simple!
    This is how we make PEACE!

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