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Amid Yousef at Experts Academy Very Happy
Beaming with joy for meeting so many wonderful people

Edit to the following article: I lasted 1 month and I missed my friends a lot!

I am writing the beginning entry of my blog… I’ve been off Facebook for 24 hours and got to fill all that free time…
Won’t you please join me here so we can have a pleasant conversation together?

This is my personal blog. In it I will write about what projects I am doing.
1- The Book “Kafroon” A book about Peace!
2- The Entrepreneur Tells All Training series

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  1. Yesterday I learned about Pluralism from our Cardinal…

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    Amid Yousef  –  9:33 AM  –  Public

    I learned a new word last night from Cardinal Ra3i… You see I am Christian Maronite Syrian who immigrated to America in 1977 and the Cardinal was here last night and spoke about "Pluralism"… 
    The Cardinal spoke of Lebanon which has 18 different factions living mostly in harmony by carving out a place for religion and yet keeping it in check … 
    His message is heavily aimed at the events happening in Syria where the religious groups are fighting for the right to govern the country… 
    Pluralism is Respect for all religions no matter how small is the group…
    Thank You Cardinal (Batrak Ra3i) (the 3 here is replaces Arabic letter 3ein)

    This is not a religious post because Pluralism is EVERYONE…
    Without using age old cliche' what is you view please be genuine?


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  2. Thanks Lynn,
    Well… I will fix line 2 right away to make more sense…
    As for visibility…
    I think I already am getting all the oomph I can get from Facebook Links and because now I am posting in new arena… Hence, all links there are new links… I am not if this is so or not… Theory only…
    However, I stopped posting and my numbers went up to 49 from 46 on a scale of 1 to 100… I will try to figure it out and keep you posted

  3. Hi Amid,
    I just replied to your post on my website. I appreciate it and always look forward to your kind support along my writing journey. Be well and kind with yourself. Happy Writing:-)

  4. BTW… I am starting by NOT posting and only reading MESSAGES and Responding to them… So this has freed me up tremendously as it used to take me (over 30 minutes to answer some post correctly) So the engagement was taking all my time.
    I loved it and will miss it! But honestly, I have to get a LIFE!

  5. Yesterday was I got to bed at 1:00 AM yesterday… I’ve been pulling 4 AM nights for over a week now and only getting 4 hours of sleep … I was in need of this rest.

    Not going on Facebook has freed a lot of my time… We went to Kelley’s Island and rode Bikes there. Very nice. I uploaded a lot of pictures and Videos to G+ profile but not sure how to link that here … I will figure it out soon…
    Please LIKE & Share my posts of this Journey of NO Facebook Life… I need your encouragement!

    • Amid, I so enjoyed sitting next to you the last few hours of HPA. I guess I was there when you started your new facebook policy. Congratulations You are in charge of your schedule, dammit !!!
      I am here to offer you encouragement and support to get off your addiction. Ifthere is anything I can do to help, let me know. If I see you on Facebook – I’ll tell you to go do something else : )


    • Hi Amid

      I enjoyed your blog thank you. Please read the chapter in my book on “Sleep”. Sleeping 4 hours a night is not at all sustainable!


      Oli Hille
      “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle”

      • Thank you Oli… After hearing how much damage to the brain 4 hours nightly can do I stopped that and I’ve been sleeping 7 or 8 hours and I am feeling much better

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