Is +Los Angeles Times a house of Censorship and FAKE? I was censored this morning for calling out their…

Is +Los Angeles Times a house of Censorship and FAKE? I was censored this morning for calling out their FAKE story, here is what I wrote:
FAKE STORY, must be every writers nightmare, this story is FAKE!
Mind you, I believe the facts as portrayed "made for American Sunday gullible audiences". Our church didn't play it during sermon, I wonder if other churches did the same? Mind you it took place in Quneitra (occupied by the FAKES since 1967) and was done for the likes of you writing this FAKE ARTICLE!
Why Fake? Because it omits the fact that 2. Israeli Jets got pounded by Syrian Missiles and shot down, thereby you are omitting and deceiving your audience…
**ISRAEL is a FAKE , All Israelites are Syrians!**
Whom do you think a better protector? A Polish immigrant -Philadelphia Con-Man pretending to be Israelite? Or Israelites real home Capital Damascus?
Stop his FAKENESS please!
BTW: Most my facts to deny your FAKE come from these books I read
Bibi Is following in the footsteps of Mark Sykes (of Sykes-Peccot infamy) and Aaron Aronson, a self important FAKE outsider who was not invited to Wiseman's inauguration because he hated him that much…
Bibi is a Modern Day Mark Sykes and Churchill (both) who can be credited with destroying the UNITED KINGDOM Empire all while altering history to paint their actions as heroic..
***Here in USA, John McCain (senate thug) is destroying the American Empire for his Psychopathic needs… Bibi and Bandar and Erdogan and Saudis are his buddies…
All above in my opinion and my beliefs!

About Amid A. Yousef

I was born in a tiny village in Syria called Kafroon.
Everyone helped each other do farming chores and
harvest time was the most fun. Great memories!
I am an entrepreneur who believes in AMERICA and
urges it to take an ENTREPRENEURIAL Lead again.

You see, Entrepreneur = American!
Entrepreneur has 12 Letters
9 Of its letters are in American
American Has 8 only Letters…

We are tasked with putting the entrepreneur back in AMERICA!
You in?
I teach Entrepreneurship at
In my opinion, BROADCAST TV has behaved so badly that I predicted “Broadcast TV will be GONE from our lives by 2021 and started the TVSHOWHOW network to showcase expertise of various authors and creators of content

Of course my original love and entrepreneurship effort is a company I started at age 16 and helping re-launch it with my nephew in charge… Oh I can’t sleep at night thinking how to make that experience so special!

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