#GoodFriday *CHRISTIANITY is all about tonight! JESUS came and died for us as the ultimate sacrifice and to keep GOD's promise to ABRAHAM when he spared Isaac! 
Otherwise we'd still be slaughtering sacrifices! Thank You JESUS for saving us. 
Fairuz sings in Arabic (TODAY WAS HUNG ON A PIECE OF WOOD, HE WHO HUNG THE WORLD ON WATER)!   Please pray for peace in SYRIA my homeland the land where JESUS was born! 

السيدة فيروز تؤدي هذه الترنيمة خلال أسبوع آلام السيد ا

About Amid Yousef

I was born in Syria. Our family came to America in early 70’s
We were Farmers and had Apple Orchards. In America I am a Businessman and I love my new country. i am a US citizen and proud to be an AMERICAN.

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