Digital Sales Manager Fun

Digital Sales Manager Fun

My Name is Amid, founder of Auto Accents & .

Your “Digital Sales Manager” position maybe a fit for my know-how and disposition.

I have most of the ingredients, lacking some & hoping you’ll be lenient.

The 4 Year Degree for one is not, but I guarantee our sales will get hot

30 day trial for us to see, if I like you and you like me.

Always dreamed of chance to do something REALLY special and I hope this is everything I dream it would be. Just paint the picture and point the way and in the winner’s corner our team will stay.    No more Limericks, I promise.

You can look for lots of FRESH ideasP from a new perspective…

Ideas like the Gift-omercial (Get your Audience Exited to see the next commercial Break) Groupon is the Target here… LOCAL TV should own this category…

Needed “Know How” as I understand them:

1- Sales Team Creation & Leadership,

Started a business at age 16 Called Auto Accents and grew it using direct sales force and advertising to 12 locations and became Verizon’s Agent of the year for most of the 90′s and had the Awards to show for it.

A specialist in all facets of building a WINNING sales team. From scouting, hiring and training newcomers to TAMING the PRE-Madonnas of the team, all handled.

I stay and PLAY with my team too. We took trips and cruises together. WOW, talk about team building…

2-Salesmanship (Everyone eats when a sale is made) We will be a results kind of team.

Believing firmly in leading from the front, developing the process and testing the concepts and trials and errors are usually performed by me personally to learn all the ways we can succeed to arm the team with this know how. Of course there’s always an elder or a shinning star that we accolade and beg to teach all of us around him/her how he did it.

If you need a High 5 partner after making a sale, come to me… I am a whole CHEERLEADING Department. Salesman love it and I love it and I love we all feel afterwards.

3-Tech-y stuff Internet, Video, Social media, Web.

When it comes to tech, I either know how to do it, or know someone who does so.

I am a student of Brendon Bruchard of Experts Academy…

For about 2 years I’ve been developing a platform to show LOCAL TV Stations called  TVSHOWHOW, this can monitize episodes or shows, create followup list and do all that fun interaction stuff. Everything you see on the site was done by me personally. Video, Recording, Editing, Site building and final delivery…and I would love to show you under the hood sometime.

Use my Twitter name: @amidyousef in any web measuring site such as Kred, Klout or my favorite where my score is 849

Fluent in All things PC and a recent HAPPY convert to a MAC…

According to my LINKEDin my skills include:

More on  Techie Stuff:

I can shoot, edit, markup, upload, distribute, SEO, PPC, and all around Yes I can probably do that or know someone who can.

Your “Digital Sales Manager” position maybe a fit for my know-how and disposition.

How about:

30 day trial for us to see, if I like you and you like me.

President/ CEO

with strong Sales Management and Digital Age marketing Know how

I’ve always been the Founder/President, so I’ve not filled a RESUME’ before.
Started a business for $3.00 at age 16 that grew to be a multimillion dollar company callled with 12 locations and thaousands of happy customers. Now i am the founder of (IP TV for everyone)
Hi, My name is Amid Yousef, I migrated to America At age 16. If we are a fit, this can be fun.

Running an organization requires a LEADER with great Sales & Sales Management abilities as well as 1st rate Digital savvy. I believe I am BOTH…
Let’s Dance for (Trial Period) 30 days to see if we are a FIT? call me 216-469-5623.
Click: Here for Resume I prepared for TV STATION Digital Sales Manager position

This video as a calling card (all tech done by me)

I answered a series of questions on Execunet Resume’ maker… Got more? Email me at

4 Replies to “Digital Sales Manager Fun”

  1. I applied for a job with Scripps Howard, I think I am qualified, what you think? Is my LASTNAME acceptable in TV? Nah!

    Scripps Howard Digital Sales Manager
    I am writing you about the DIGITAL Sales Manager… If we are a FIT, I believe my talents are a fit for this position. Here is why:
    Hi My name is Amid, I am making you this video for 2 reasons:
    The person taking this position must be a
    1- A Great “SALES” manager
    2- A Great “Digital” Manager
    1- SALES MANAGER: I can and have done the Sales Manager duties and was very successful at it (so much we were agents of the DECADE for Verizon Wireless in Ohio).
    2- A Digital Sales Manager, I can fill that position very well to. Everything I will show you was done or created completely by yours truly with little or NO outside help. (All the Tech Stuff).
    You see, I founded what become a chain of 12 retail stores and grew them and filled Butts in Seats by using TV Advertising very well… & I’ve even been a customer of the WEWS station at one point.
    1- I know what customers are looking for.
    2- I built my company on managing a sales force very successfully. We sold 2107 Phones in the month of January 2000 a feat (we did it through a well built sales force)
    3- My 1st Web book was how to use the DIGITAL medium to drive customers in the door in 1998 (i never stopped learning)
    I created the TVSHOWHOW concept for transitioning TV Stations to the new DIGITAL age.
    Finally, keeping scores on the web… you can use Klout, Kred, or TrustCloud…
    Insert @amidyousef into any of these for a number: = 70+ = 791 = 849
    but a much easier metric is
    Put my name with Quotes “Amid Yousef” be sure to include the (“) in Google…
    Read the number below … this will tell you if the person is DIGITAL aware or not…
    mine is 20,000
    Provided this is a fit (I will only take the project if I feel I can deliver what I promise).. So to find out if this is a fit I suggest moving this forward….
    We live in Cleveland so a Cincinnati visit is Easy…
    References will be provided but when we both decide this is a fit for both of us.
    An internal reference who worked for you and has been a good friend for 20 years is Liz Claman (was in Cleveland WEWS for long time but now at Fox Business)

    if you wish to move forward with this conversation, call 216-469-5623 or email

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