Congratulations Egypt, from your sister Syria “Mabrook Ya Masr”

Egypt Freedom 2.0,  “Mabrook Ya Masr” from your sister SYRIA!

“Mabrook Ya Masr” = Congratulations Egypt!

If you read my tweets in 2011 during Mubarak disposal, happiness was all over my writing. Then came the THUGS of Saudi Backed Brotherhood to Hijack the decency of the majority and installing a THUG named Morsi. Soon after it became evident that Saudi Backed Brotherhood Thugs had rigged the election and used intimidation and threats of bodily harm to coerce the voters and get a FAKE outcome.

Lying is nothing new to Saudi Backed Brotherhood, they lied about their motives, they lied about the election and lied about how MORSI was elected. Soon the supreme court of EGYPT found all those lies and exposed them (that was 2 month ago).

It was not until MORSI of Saudi Backed Brotherhood made his speech urging EGYPTIANS to go fight in SYRIA that EGYPTIANS en-mass rejected the silliness and lies of the Saudi Backed Brotherhood.

33 Million went into the streets resulting in the historical events that had MORSI leaving within 48 hours (Forcibly removed like the LIAR he and Saudi Backed Brotherhood are)

NEXT we will ask the SAUDI people to DEPOSE the THUGS running their country who spent 100 BILLION on weapons and killing machines to kill fellow Arabs in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria.

Mabrook Ya MASR, Inshallah Saudi Arabia Next!

Syria News source Amid Yousef congratulates mabrookya masr
Syria News source Amid Yousef congratulates mabrookya masr


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