Saudi MONOPOLY Project, it time to arrest its workers for causing WARS


Waging PEACE knowing the enemy is *SAUDI Monopoly Project* the WAR making machine!

Peace in Syria
Peace in Syria and the world

Most successful MONOPOLY ever is Saudi Monopoly Project! They know it and now you know it, but what most don’t know is, their REAL BUSINESS. It is STARTING WARS and here is the business model: (Think of the LIBYA scam and Afghanistan, Bosnia, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and of course my homeland SYRIA)…

  • $5 Billion: Cost of waging the WAR
  • $10 Billion: MEDIA buy to deceive WORLDWIDE
  • $250 Billion FEE imposed to recoup their ($5 Billion cost of WAR)

*** How To Make PEACE?
A video recently said that Israel and Saudi Arabia are the same, while I agree that *Churchill and Roosevelt* were involved in the design of both Israel and Saudi Arabian Monarchy, however that is where the similarities stop.

As for how *we (USA) became BLACKMAILED slaves* to Saudi Arabian Monarchy, allowing it to commit 1/2 Century of atrocities? that is what I tackle here.
It had to do with a *Saudi Financed War of 1973* against Israel (lasted 6 days) to coverup the *planned Oil Embargo blackmail that lasted 6 months* and crippled USA. *Saudis can’t blackmail USA with OIL anymore, see reason why at the bottom*.

Here are the FACTS since 1971 (PBS story )
1- Nixon lost the confidence of nations like *France* which asked for their GOLD back. Nixon refused and offered paper Dollars instead.
2-  To give the DOLLAR value, Nixon cut a deal with Saudi Faisal to only sell *Oil for Dollar* born was the *Petro-Dollar*.
3- In 1979 a group of simple Saudis led by *Ayman Utaybah* occupied the Mosque and called for resignation of Saudi Monarchy, because they saw it as taking life too far away from core values of Saudis. Eventually most were killed but Osama Bin Laden was Exiled to Afghanistan so he could become the *scapegoat for all Monarchy’s actions while being in Exile kept him and his trouble maker kind out of the country under the name of Jihad.

Ayman Al Utaybah and Usama Osama bin Laden were both in the revolt to overthrow the Monarchy of Saudi Arabia
Ayman Al Utaybah and Usama Osama bin Laden were both in the revolt to overthrow the Monarchy of Saudi Arabia

4- : Saudi Arabia persuaded USA to pay 1/2 the cost of a war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, it was a religious war. Reagan Bought it.
5- : Simultaneously, Saudis financed Saddam and encouraged him to launch war on IRAN, which killed 1,000,000 Iranians. For the record, *Iran has not attacked anyone in over 1/4 Millennium*.
6-  (*round1*): Also Saudi Arabia financed the Brotherhood in Syria which blew up all main bus terminals in Syria at the same moment on RAMADAN.
Assad put this rebellion down, but the Saudi owned Media never told the truth of SYRIA round 1. Assad *was defending SYRIA* (We now know)!
7-  Next: Shortly after they were kicked out of Syria; Wahoos of Saudi Arabia joined the fleeing Brotherhood from Syria and attacked Lebanon, stirring religious tensions into a 15 year Civil War from 1982 to 1993.
*I was personally involved in removing the USA travel ban on Lebanon in a historic trip* in 1995 see: .
8-  1991 Saudis enticed Saddam through the US Ambassador to attack Kuwait.
9-  (round 1) *THE BLACKMAIL*: attack on New York World Trade Center, crippling it and our economy, this attack heavily damaged the building but did not bring it down. *Saudi Monarchy blamed this on Bin Laden as planned* (see above). A guy named Bandar Bin Baboon was in USA by now… he would later be uncovered as the TRUE LEADER of AlQuaeda and giving Hijackers living expenses in USA amounting to $130,000.00 through his wife.
10-  1992 Saudi Arabia through Blackmail (above and coercion and general DISLIKE of Saddam) got the countries of the “willing” to attack another Muslim country IRAQ. USA is stuck there until today… don’t know how to get out.
11- USA 9/11 (Round 2) 15 of the 19 Hijackers who hit USA were Saudis. Bandar was at the Whitehouse only 60 minutes before the planes begun hitting us, he wanted to *see the whites of our eyes* I guess, just before launching his murderous attack. Bandar never was caught and through *Blackmail* and bribes, 28 pages mostly dealing with BANDAR about 9/11 were removed.
REALLY, did someone fall for this guy or what? BANDAR Bush they called him.
12-  (round2) *the Arab Spring* was nothing but a cover up and practice for their real motive, attacking Syria. Mubarak was easy, Tunis, Libya, Egypt fell in line quickly, but Syria would be difficult. Very *DIFFICULT*, as matter of fact will prove impossible *INSHALLAH*.

Oh many other wars were started and financed with Petro-Dollars
from Saudi Arabian Monarchy, Chechnya, Bosnia, Sudan, Somalia, Turkey and more.
Saudi Arabian Blackmail came to an end earlier this year when we stopped what seemed to be UNSTOPPABLE, we stopped the USA attack on SYRIA.
Saudi Arabian Bandar had paid for Sarin Attack on Damascus while the UN inspectors were 5 blocks away. They tried to accuse Syria of Chemical Attack, instead Syria decided to give up its chemical weapons all together.
Faced with exposure, Saudi Arabian Monarchy would rather destroy Syria to bury the evidence of its crimes against humanity.
93% of Americans spoke up and said *NO ATTACK on SYRIA* “93%”, yet Saudi Arabian Bandar can be heard saying he wants to kill the Syrian President personally, and he continues to oversee the attack on SYRIA.
93% of AMericans said NO to WAR on SYRIA, why?
Simply, we discovered plenty of OIL under Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Over 260 years worth of domestic consumption lies beneath our own soil here in USA!
*Saudi Arabian Monarchy can’t blackmail USA anymore, we don’t need their oil.

As for what you can do to help?
Saudi Arabia is doing everything to thwart a peace conference in GENEVA on January 22nd 2014. You can help by spreading and SHARING this… PLEASE!

Well, first let me show you what they did 2 days ago to a Aleppo’s modern Cancer Hospital (watch 1 minute video – start at minute 1:30 ) yup, this was full of Doctors and Cancer patients… a HOSPITAL…

I plan a post everyday about the PEACE conference, they look like this   or this
We can SHAME Saudi Arabian Monarchy only by exposing them as the criminals that have wrecked the world and it is time to PAY…
THey don’t want to go to GENEVA II because it is time to PAY THE PIPER…
I believe Saudi Arabian Monarchy Owes USA, Syria and all those countries I mentioned above war reparations… what you say? we can finally begin to make PEACE now that *war mongers* are exposed, please SHARE & subscribe

Merry Christmas
“Amid Yousef”
*Syrian Born Proud American*!

Oh as for the silly comment in the video, Israel and Saudi Arabia being the same, really buddy? Israelis guard ALL houses of worship, Saudi Wahoos and their stupid sheep carried out an attack on a *peaceful* Old Syrian Muslim Cleric inside the Mosque kiling him and 14 others, how barbaric because he rejected them…
also only few days earlier they attacked and destroyed most precious Christian town, Maalula, the only place on earth still speaking Aramaic (Language of Christ)

So please let’s work on PEACE by demanding & pressuring Saudi Arabian Monarchy … by Exposing them…
call you Senator at 202-224-3121 and demand they pressure Saudi Arabian Monarchy to attend and abide by the peace conference and to stop paying for anymore wars anywhere… Let’s force them to make PEACE…

Peace in Syria, Geneva II peace conference, January 22, 2014, Syria
Peace in Syria, Geneva II peace conference, January 22, 2014, Syria

This is the CHRISTMAS MESSAGE… It is PEACE, we can do you it, can you help? Go ahead SHARE this, no it is not a chain letter, it is an urgent appeal for PEACE in my country and in the world!

Finally I leave you with Jingle Bells in the Language of Jesus (Aramaic)