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I was born in a tiny village in Syria called Kafroon. Everyone helped each other do farming chores and harvest time was the most fun. Great memories! I am an entrepreneur who believes in AMERICA and urges it to take an ENTREPRENEURIAL Lead again. You see, Entrepreneur = American! Entrepreneur has 12 Letters 9 Of its letters are in American American Has 8 only Letters... We are tasked with putting the entrepreneur back in AMERICA! You in? I teach Entrepreneurship at www.entrepreneurtellsall.com In my opinion, BROADCAST TV has behaved so badly that I predicted "Broadcast TV will be GONE from our lives by 2021 and started the TVSHOWHOW network to showcase expertise of various authors and creators of content www.TVSHOWHOW.com Of course my original love and entrepreneurship effort is www.AutoAccents.com a company I started at age 16 and helping re-launch it with my nephew in charge... Oh I can't sleep at night thinking how to make that experience so special!

Syria’s presidential interview (English) with Voltaire news http://www.voltairenet.org/article195768…

Syria's presidential interview (English) with Voltaire news http://www.voltairenet.org/article195768.html

February 16th, 2017
Fabien Namias: Good morning Mr President.
Bashar al-Assad: Good morning.
Fabien Namias: A very simple question to begin with. Two months after the fall of Aleppo, can you say that you have won the war?
Bashar al-Assad: No. I do not think that we can talk about having won the war before beating all the terrorists throughout Syria. It is only an important step on the path that is going to lead us to beat and eliminate terrorism…