All the CREEPS TREASONOUS ones who sold their country and our homeland SYRIA down the drain, are forbidden…

All the CREEPS TREASONOUS ones who sold their country and our homeland SYRIA down the drain, are forbidden from coming to USA (TERRORISTS). Here is the list in English and Arabic:
Ahmed and his family Orontes Jarba
Hussein al-Abdullah and his family
Dr. Abdul Hakim Bashar and his family
Mustafa Osso and his family
Mohammed Abdo and his family Caddo
Abdul Ilah Abdul appointed Fahd and his family
Nawaf Al-Ali Mustafa and his family
Rima Fleihan and her family
Suheir Atassi and her family
Omar and his family Idlebi
Dr. Muhammad and his family, soapy
: Dr. Sadiq Jalal al-Azm and his family
Mustafa Sabbagh and his family
Nabhan Harith and his family
Haitham al-Maleh and his family
Bassam Youssef and his family
Yahya and his family Gkab
Khaled Khoja and his family
Ziad al-Hassan and his family
Dr. Jawad Abu Hatab and his family
احمد العاصي الجربا وعائلته
حسين العبد الله وعائلته
د. عبد الحكيم بشار وعائلته
مصطفى أوسو وعائلته
محمد عبدو كدو وعائلته
عبد الإله عبد المعين فهد وعائلته
مصطفى نواف العلي وعائلته
ريما فليحان وعائلتها
سهير الأتاسي وعائلتها
عمر إدلبي وعائلته
د. محمد الصابوني وعائلته
: د. صادق جلال العظم وعائلته
مصطفى صباغ وعائلته
الحارث النبهان وعائلته
هيثم المالح وعائلته
بسام يوسف وعائلته
يحيى غقاب وعائلته
خالد خوجة وعائلته
زياد الحسن وعائلته
د. جواد أبو حطب وعائلته


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